Business Valuation, Brokerage and Sales

Business brokerage is a complex process involving business valuation, internal preparations for confidentiality, transparency and disclosure, expert marketing, prospect buyer identification, screening and investigation, and process management to guide the transfer or sale of your business through legal services.

Transparency, confidentiality and process management are all critical to the successful transfer or sale of your business. Mari Magno offers a comprehensive brokerage service to skippers exiting their ships, with the opportunity for an exiting skipper to select both the level of confidentiality required, and the preferred route to market. Mari Magno offers both selective independent business brokerage services, and ‘open market’ business brokerage services through a contractual relationship with Transworld

Transworld is one of the largest business brokerage companies in the world, offering extensive national and international marketing services, for the sale of your businesses.

Mari Magno Business Brokerage Services

Mari Magno business brokerage package enables you to transfer or sell your business, either independently or on the ‘open market’ with Transworld, and offers several distinctive areas of expertise:

  • Comprehensive business valuation which considers income, net profit, tangible assets and liabilities, intangible assets including competitive positioning and USPs, brand valuation, business contracts, marketing investment and trade stability over recent years).
  • Internal preparations for confidentiality, transparency and disclosure
  • Expert marketing
  • Prospect buyer identification, screening and investigation
  • Process managing the transfer or sale of your business, through legal services

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