International Market Development

Mari Magno has extensive experience in working with businesses to develop international marketing strategies, informed by business strategic priorities.

Every ship is unique, attracted by challenging and exciting business opportunities in their home port and overseas. Every ship navigates a unique trade route, defined by the capabilities of the ship, the motivations of the skipper, the business appetite for risk and the unique business priorities.

All ships sail the same wind and the same sea, but their routes to market are unique.  

The Mari Magno marketing sailing-kit offers businesses a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services, including extensive expertise in international market development. We will support your business in developing new international markets and delivering unique market research to identify the opportunities and risk for your business. We will also facilitate the development of new business and stakeholder relationships, to support new trade around the world.

Mari Magno can support your business in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas (including Latin America), south and south-east Asia (including India, China and Japan), central Asia (including Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey), and Europe. 

For both domestic and international marketing, Mari Magno delivers insight research, analysis and performance planning for market positioning, products and services portfolio optimisation, market segmentation, competitor analysis, stakeholder engagement, leverage and international partner identification, and insight analysis to determine market dynamics, market risk, business branding and business reputation.