Mari Magno understands the motivations of skippers to exit their business and has developed a unique consultancy sailing-kit to support skippers in succession planning, business brokerage and the sale of their business.

Mari Magno can help you optimise the sale price of your business, and develop clear comprehensible business analytics to inform a prospect buyer. By working together, Mari Magno can support skippers in preparing their colleagues for the transfer of their business, developing internal systems and procedures for clarity and transparency, and identifying and optimising the value characteristics and USPs of your business, to support the marketing and sale of your business.

Mari Magno works both independently and through Transworld, offering a range of marketing options for the transfer or sale of your business.

Our Navigation Compass

Mari Magno has developed a unique approach to analysing business performance. We use a comprehensive business valuation process to develop the ultimate performance metric for your business. The Mari Magno business valuation ‘compass’ considers a wide range of business performance metrics unique to your business and may be used for business planning and strategy.

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Business Navigation Compass