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Mari Magno is a business consultancy delivering business performance, business valuations, new market development and business exit strategies, internationally and across all industries.

Our unique Business Navigation Compass is used to develop the ultimate performance metric for your business. This identifies opportunities for you to either develop your business or exit your business. We have also developed a Forecast Valuation Compass for new businesses to forecast business valuation and attract essential start-up investment. 

Our client base is extensive and includes international clients from diverse sectors including education, maritime, aviation, engineering, events management and travel & tourism.


Our Sail Set

Mari Magno is Latin for Big Sea. For many hundreds of years merchant mariners have sailed the globe, opening up new trade routes, supply chains and new markets. These merchant mariners were passionate about navigating new and exciting business environments. They were strategic thinkers, with the diplomacy to develop strong business relationships, the calculated tactics to out-perform their competitors, and a commitment to exploration, innovation and watch-keeping, to identify and capitalise on new business opportunities.


Our Navigation Compass

Mari Magno has developed a unique approach to analysing business performance. We use a comprehensive business valuation process to develop the ultimate performance metric for your business. This Mari Magno business valuation ‘compass’ considers a wide range of performance metrics unique to your business, to create your single performance metric. The valuation tools may be used year after year, with fresh performance data. This creates an annual performance metric which may be plotted annually and used for business planning and strategy.

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Business Navigation Compass

Mari Magno has also developed a business valuation tool for new businesses, which may be used with forecast data. This will provide a forecast business valuation for a new business, in order to attract essential business start-up funding and investment.

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Forecast Valuation Compass

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Mari Magno maintains a diverse portfolio of business clients:

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