Training and Education

In any industry, expert navigation of your ship through a competitive business environment depends on the skills, flexibility and training of your crew, and particularly their capability to work together as a team.

Mari Mago offers dynamic expertise in developing and delivering professional education and training, responsive to the needs of your business, and to the rapid changes, risks and opportunities of your industry.

Mari Magno will work together with your crew to ensure that they are able to out-perform your competitors in delivering excellent customer services, efficient operational systems and procedures, technical, service and product knowledge, and stakeholder relationships, to capture the winds of opportunity.

Mari Magno has expertise in delivering professional skills development, technical skills training in a diversity of industries, social skills training and customer services training, for corporate client, across a range of sectors. Mari Magno is able to create specific curriculum and training programmes, both short-term and long-term, unique to the requirements of your staff and colleagues.


International Education and Training

Mari Magno delivers business consultancy services in international education, including international marketing and student recruitment, sponsor, agent and stakeholder management and the development of corporate partnerships for innovation science research. We also have extensive experience in managing the development of new educational products and services, in line with identified business opportunities in international markets.

Working with Mari Magno, our client education and training organisations have achieved growth in international marketing and business activities, commercial and diversified income generation, secure profit margins, enhanced return on investment and international brand positioning.