As the skipper of your own successful business, the unique treasures of your business success may licenced and replicated, to extended the trade footprint of your business brand.

Franchising involves licencing the sale of branded products and services, enabling other business skippers to clone your business systems, processes and procedures and deliver your branded products and services. By licencing your branded products and services, other business skippers can establish and grow their own business.

Mari Magno works together with businesses to support them in developing franchising arrangements.

Mari Magno offers expertise in delivering a comprehensive franchising package to businesses. This package includes a valuation of your business brand, the development of a franchising manual for the expanded delivery of your branded products and services, and a franchising legal agreement enabling you to licence your business brand.

Mari Magno also offers expertise in recruiting and training franchisees, and the sale of your business franchise either independently, or through a contractual relationship with Transworld.

Franchising requires an initial up-front investment to prepare your business for licencing and sale of your branded products and services. Mari Magno can help you evaluate and optimise your initial investment and forecast a return on your investment through the development, marketing and sale of your business franchise.

Mari Magno Franchising Services

Mari Magno franchise package enables you to extend the delivery of your business brand, offering several distinctive area of expertise:

  • Brand valuation (as a pre-requisite to franchising)
  • Franchising manual
  • Franchising legal agreement
  • Recruiting and training franchisees
  • Selling your franchise either independently, or on the ‘open market’ with Transworld