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Mari Magno has developed a unique approach to analysing business performance. We use a comprehensive business valuation process to develop the ultimate performance metric for your business. The Mari Magno business valuation ‘compass’ considers a wide range of business performance metrics unique to your business and may be used for business planning and strategy.

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Ultimate Business Performance Metric

Business valuations developed by Mari Magno may be used by business skippers for both enhanced understanding of their market position, and as an essential element in preparing their business for transfer and sale.

An expert business valuation developed by Mari Magno offers you a comprehensive understanding of the value of your business in the business sales market place, and considers a range of factors including business income, net profit, tangible assets and liabilities, and a range of intangible assets including competitive positioning and USPs, brand valuation, longevity of business contracts, marketing investment and trade stability over recent years.

Mari Magno uses a unique process and format to develop business valuations, offering both a comprehensive and insightful valuations report, and the background analytical tools that were used to develop the valuation. This enables you to use the analytical tools yourself, beyond the consultancy phase, and to continue to run new data to update your valuation insights.